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Happy Herd Nutritions!

Change the way you hunt with the pheromone technology discovered by Happy Herd Nutrition’s. We don’t hide from an animals nose anymore. Now we use the olfactory system to our advantage. GUARANTEED!

Happy Herd Nutrition’s, Inc. is a premium
attractant, mineral, feed and seed company
that prides itself in being the original
developer of the tested and proven Happy
Herd “CoatALL”. The CoatALL attractants
are designed to be used year round as a
part of your feed and mineral program.
Spray anything, hence, the name CoatALL.
The main thing is, spray the CoatALL where
you want the animals to be. The number of
animals you attract from the surrounding
area through the oil based technology
is unbelievable. The oil based CoatALL
DOES NOT wash away and it sticks to the
animals hooves or paws that visit your
area. THEN, when they leave, they lay a
scent trail straight back to your location.
The POWER of the CoatALL keeps them
there. The “CoatALL” attractants contain
an Industry leading Trade Secret our scientist discovered that focuses
directly on the olfactory system of an animal through a pheromone
technology. This breakthrough discovery has changed hunting as
we know it. Now we are able to use an animals sense of smell to our
advantage, rather than trying to hide from it! GUARANTEED!!!

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