We are Brothers Honey Company 

A locally owned and family operated apiary, and Honey Emporium situated in the heart of Central Arkansas.

In short, nothing much. Our bees do the real work.

As beekeepers, our job description is more along the lines of delegation. We may curate a home for our hives and oversee care for 1.11 million bees, but they have the vital role in our operation. It's merely our job to protect them from pests and employ sustainable harvest practices to encourage the next bee generation.

We delight in producing  honey in its purest form. 

Processing is minimal, leaving the wealth of natural enzymes and antioxidants intact.
What does that mean?
We simply strain the honey and fill our jars. 

Enjoy with a warm biscuit or by the spoonful.
Our honey speaks for itself, evidence that the best things in life are pure.

Jarred Honey
Honey Straw
Honey Lip Balm
Dish cloth
Hand Soap
creamed honey